ART & SCI 2016

International Conference Art & Sci presents the various examples of interdisciplinary thinking of today, as well as the possibility of linking the areas that are possibly incompatible at first sight. The event will show non-traditional approaches of scientists, artists and creative groups or teams that in addition to innovative concepts or strategies generate also the products of global importance. The conference is supported by the European Digital Art & Science Network project leaded by Ars Electronica, Linz (AT), incl. DIG gallery, Kosice (SK) as a partner. The aim of cooperation among DIG, CIKE and Faculty of Arts TUKE is to create an open discussion platform focusing on contemporary issues and topics of the Creative industries.

autor foto: Michal Vasiľ


  • Martin Honzik (AT) / Ars Electronica, Linz
  • Mairéad Hurley (IR) / Science gallery, Dublin
  • Erik Lale Dobrivoje (RS) / Center for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade
  • Ljiljana Ilić (RS) / Center for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade
  • Ján Michlík / Slovanet, Creanet
  • František Babič / Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, TUKE
  • Tomáš Boroš / Department of Architecture, Faculty of Arts, TUKE
  • Michal Murin / New media Studio, Faculty of Arts, TUKE
  • Boris Vaitovič / New media Studio, Faculty of Arts, TUKE
  • Richard Kitta / DIG gallery, Košice


  • DIG & Faculty of Arts, TUKE
  • supported by CIKE